Stuff REAL Chinese People Like: Why this list?

I was immediately intrigued by Stuff White People Like when I first spotted it in Barnes & Noble and I recently read their new book – Whiter Shades of Pale, which is equally amazing and the only problem I have with this book is that: their new lists by cities are not available entirely online.


Well I guess there is yet another problem. One of the pages in the book describes “stuff Asian people/Asian Americans like”, a small list of 10 items included below. 

And I was astonished and irritated.


I would have no idea who these people are (I mean I didn’t realize John Woo is the famous film director Woo Yu-Sen in Chinese, and I would have never heard of Margaret Cho if I had never watched Drop Dead Diva); I speak Japanese myself but there are way more popular names than Murakami for Japanese people all around the world; the other items on the list are either way too obvious (like Math or Asian food, so I don’t know why these are even WORTH mentioning), or way too wrong (like white spouses, I mean, seriously?).

Well I am sure these may be more applicable to SOME Asian/Chinese people more than others, but for the history of my life dealing with both Chinese from China and all kinds of Asians in the US, I have never heard anyone talking obsessively about any of these topics (maybe Asian food is the only exception yet again it’s too obvious). So it is simply beyond my understanding why these could make the list of ONLY 10 items trying to portray the image of an Asian (or Chinese).


So I did some research online to see if anyone else has worked on a list more practical.

And I found the following list: Stuff Asian People Like, which is quite comprehensive and I am seriously impressed. But still this is more for Asians not precisely for Chinese, and more for Asian Americans not exactly REAL Chinese. So I have decided to come up with my own list of Stuff Real Chinese People Like. This is gonna be very exciting, as I really hope to dive deep into my Chinese identify and re-create those shared memories of my generation.

The list is a working progress but please check back for more interesting entries and let me know if I should add anything!


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